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How To Get Started With DJS
DJS is happy to coordinate all your import, export, and logistics needs.  In order to best serve you, we ask that you complete and return the following packet to get started. 

The link below contains all the necessary forms in one convenient packet. 

  New Customer Packet 
To access any single form, please go to our Forms and Documents page.

How To Get My Shipment Cleared Through Customs
Once you have provided us with the information requested above in HOW TO GET STARTED WITH DJS, and you have designated DJS as your customs broker on the Power of Attorney, we will need to obtain some information about your incoming shipment in order to clear it through Customs.

The basic documents we need in order to prepare a Customs entry are:

          • The seller’s commercial invoice
          • A packing list 
          • For air shipments: a copy of the airwaybill or the airwaybill number
          • For ocean shipments: the bill of lading

In some cases, we may need to obtain additional documents, or originals of some documents.  DJS will advise you of any additional document requirements for your shipment.

To get your shipment cleared through Customs, or for additional questions on customs issues, please call DJS or contact us at

How To Get My Shipment Covered By Cargo Insurance
Cargo Insurance is very important! If you are not familiar with cargo insurance, please take a moment to review why this relatively small investment is so critical (click here).  Let us know your intention by completing and submitting a Cargo Insurance Election form. 

   Cargo Insurance Election Form

If you have any questions, or would like to learn more about cargo insurance, please call DJS or email us at

How To Get A Freight Quotation
So that we may offer a prompt and accurate freight quotation, please use the form below to provide us with as much detail as possible about your shipment.

     Freight Quote Request Form

Please call DJS or contact us at
for assistance or for additional information on obtaining a freight quotation.

How To Book My Import Shipment
In order to initiate your import shipment, we recommend that you complete one of our routing orders, which can then be provided as instructions to your supplier, as well as to DJS in copy.  Please call DJS or contact us at
to determine and obtain the proper origin routing form you will need, or for any further assistance with initiating your import shipment.

How To Book My Export Shipment
To book your export shipment, please call DJS or contact one of our export logistics specialists for assistance at
. We will walk you through the booking process.

How To Track My Shipment
There are two tracking systems, depending on your specific needs: Customs Import Tracking and Collaborative Logistics Management (CLM) Tracking.   To get set up as a user on our tracking systems, please call a DJS representative today.

To learn more about how the DJS tracking systems can help streamline your freight operations, click here.

To see a visual overview of the CLM Tracking process, please click here.

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